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BrainBench New Hire Testing.

Testing of new employee candidates is very important. PI Outsource uses testing modules from Brainbench and ProSpeak to ensure that we recruit the best personnel for your tasks.

BrainBench Pre-Employment Skills Testing:

When running an outsourcing business, it is much easier to rely on science when making hiring decisions. Brainbench pre-employment testing is the answer to your hiring problems.

Featuring over 600 different assessments Brainbench measures all key dimensions of a job candidate including past work behavior, personality, knowledge, skills, and abilities, either individually or together in a single test.

Ease of Use: All assessments are administered through one easy-to-use online interface.

Quality: Only Brainbench is ISO9001:2000 certified, providing you assurance that our tests are constructed according to professional standards.

Total Match
The ultimate combination of personality, skills, abilities, and past employment behavior, all in one assessment and one report. There is a specific Total Match for over 150 jobs. Results include an easy-to-read summary and suggested pre-employment interview questions.

Unlike most others, our pre-hire personality assessments are designed specifically for hiring. Evaluate your applicants against pre-configured job profiles for insight on Job-Fit, Attitude Toward Work, Productivity, and Reliability.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
Our 500 different knowledge, skills, and abilities tests help you evaluate how much training your candidates will need to become productive. Results include absolute scores (1-5), percentile scores, and strengths/ weaknesses.

Employment History Survey (Bio-data)
These assessments apply the age-old rule that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behavior. Does the candidate show up for work on time, change jobs a lot, direct their own professional development? Excellent pre-screening, too.

If you are a hiring manager or recruiter for your comapny in the Philippines, contact PI Outsource for a free sample Assesment test of your choice. Learn how to hire the right people, THE FIRST TIME! Contact Us Today.

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