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New York Times

Awaiting the Next Android Invasion
New York Times
A. Google released Android O, the “developer's preview” of the next version, on March 21 so app developers could begin working with the future operating system. The final public release of the software and its delivery to smartphones and tablets is ...
Here Are Google's Best Tips For Avoiding Android RansomwareForbes
Google Discloses Measures to Defend Android Against RansomwareeWeek
Google on Android ransomware: You're more likely to be hit twice by lightning than get infectedZDNet
Gadget Hacks -Thurrott.com (blog) -Phone Arena
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Posted: March 29, 2017, 6:57 pm


Android co-founder's new smartphone confirmed to run Android
The new smartphone from Andy Rubin, which will be the debut product of his new company Essential, will indeed run Android for its operating system. It looked that way from the tiny peek at the corner we got from Rubin's tweet earlier this week, but now ...
Android's founder has a new phone, and Eric Schmidt said it's launching soonCNBC
Google's Eric Schmidt confirms the Essential smartphone runs AndroidThe Verge
Android founder's mystery phone runs on Android, Google exec teasesTechRadar
TrustedReviews -Phone Arena
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Posted: March 29, 2017, 6:35 pm


Samsung Galaxy S8 first look: This might be the next great Android smartphone
We briefly checked out Samsung's new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and think they're likely going to be huge hits. Samsung just needs to avoid the same battery problems that plagued the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are easily the ...
The Galaxy S8 finally lets you put Android's back button where it belongsThe Verge
Samsung's 2Piece Cover for the Galaxy S8 is the most hideous and terrible case I've ever seenAndroid Police
What is Bixby and is it like Google Assistant?Android Central
Android Authority (blog) -Gizmodo Australia -Android Community
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Posted: March 29, 2017, 3:13 pm

Ars Technica

Android Wear 2.0 begins rolling out, but only to three watches for now
Ars Technica
Nearly two months after Android Wear 2.0 launched, some smartwatches are finally getting the update. According to Android Wear Google forums, the Fossil Q Founder, Casio Smart Outdoor, and Tag Heuer Connected smartwatches have started receiving ...
Android Wear 2.0 update finally rolls out to first three devices ...Greenbot
Android Wear 2.0 rollout is finally under way - but why only 3 watches?TrustedReviews
The Huawei Watch 2 (and Android Wear 2) have all the same smartwatch problemsMashable
The Verge -Neowin -Phone Arena
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Posted: March 29, 2017, 2:54 pm


Android users will surpass Apple users in app spending in 2017, report says
Google Play, combined with third-party Android stores, are set to surpass Apple's mobile App Store in 2017 for consumer spending, a report from App Annie predicts. And a big reason for that is China, as Chinese app stores are now a key battleground for ...
Android projected to top Apple in app revenue for first time this yearMarketWatch
App Annie: Android to top iOS in app store revenue this yearTechCrunch
App store sales for Android to overtake Apple's iOS, report saysSFGate
Android Police -AppleInsider (press release) (blog) -Investopedia -VentureBeat
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Posted: March 29, 2017, 2:41 pm


Trump's Android phone has been repealed and replaced
Apple is a company known for many things, and class-leading gadgets is at the top of the list. The company's iPod changed the way we listen to music, and the original iPhone turned the smartphone industry on its head, toppling giants like Nokia and ...
Trump trades 'unsecure' Android device for shiny new iPhoneEngadget
Has Trump got a new cell? President's social media says he has been tweeting from his iPhone for the last two weeks ...Daily Mail
Trump is using an iPhone but some tweets are still from an Android ...CNBC
Android Authority (blog) -The Atlantic -CIO -Twitter
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Posted: March 29, 2017, 1:12 pm

PC Advisor

How to take a screenshot on Android
PC Advisor
Taking a screenshot on Android is usually as simple as simultaneously holding down the power button and volume-down button, but various alternative methods can be found on the great many Android phones and tablets on the market. For a quick standard ...

and more »
Posted: March 29, 2017, 10:43 am

Android Police

Android O feature spotlight: There's now a progress bar for sideloading APKs
Android Police
When installing apps from the Play Store, you can see a progress bar for the download. The actual installing part doesn't have any indicator at all in the Play Store app, and when installing from an APK, all you get is a pulsing progress bar. Android O ...

and more »
Posted: March 29, 2017, 10:19 am

PC Advisor

How to block ads on Android
PC Advisor
Tired of adverts ruining your browsing experience on Android? Our helpful tutorial walks you through three simple ways of getting an ad-free experience on your phone or tablet. By Matt Egan | 28 Mar 17. 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; More stories. Next Prev ...

Posted: March 28, 2017, 4:56 pm

PC Advisor

How to remove Android virus
PC Advisor
Android viruses are rare, but they exist. Almost exclusively installed via dodgy apps, the best way to avoid an Android virus is to keep to the secured confines of the Google Play store. Should your device get lumbered with some malware, we will ...
Nearly one million Android phones infected by hackersCNNMoney
Android 'Gooligan' Hackers Just Scored The Biggest Ever Theft Of Google AccountsForbes
Android malware infects 1M accounts globallyUSA TODAY
Ars Technica -Silicon Valley Business Journal -The Verge -Check Point Blog - Check Point Software
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Posted: March 28, 2017, 3:46 pm

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Outsourcing Scams Refuted – Part III

This is an email from a reader of the PI Outsource outsourcing blog. Names of persons and businesses  were REDACTED as I cannot verify any of the accusations. Here is the letter in question titled “Horrible IT stories in the Philippines”

I am reading your Outsourcing article on Outsourcing Scams:

It could almost be titled, “The Misadventures of Rafael in the Philippines Outsourcing Industry”

Practically almost all what you say, in this article is what happened to me, (how stupid)!

I have recently been working with REDACTED in Davao, Philippines and I even traveled to their offices in Davao at my own expense to help them finish the jobs they could not do.

In your outsourcing scams article you refer to another article by “URBANETTE”  as follows:

[urbanette] Beware Hubport Interactive, PhilWeb Services and Online Experts (all in the Philippines). I’ve found all three to be using unethical practices. Be sceptical by default; think about how they could be scamming you. [/urbanette]
(~18% down the page)


It has been the worst experience in my business life with absolutely unethical, irresponsible, fraudulent, and deplorable people, especially their CEO REDACTED and his offsider REDACTED, who blackmailed me and one of his employees actually attacked me

They have stolen my code, stolen the money and stolen the jobs that I helped them finish.

I do not want to say more at this stage but if you wish I could tell you the whole sordid story.

If you want the whole story at this stage I prefer no names, other than actions, because I have engaged a lawyer and this could jeopardize the case… for what good a competent lawyer could do. The legal system in Philippines warrants that the case would take 5 to 7 years to be heard….

I am thinking on reporting to a Government IT Protection authority. Copyright and even theft, fraud and blackmail in criminal law because outsourcing businesses like REDACTED are tarnishing the Philippines IT Industry…. Your comments and advice if any would be appreciated.

Hopefully, you will read our Outsourcing Scam Articles and save yourself some grief! Call PI Outsource @ 812-669-4205 for your free Philippines outsourcing consultation today!

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Outsourcing and Poverty in the Philippines

By Doug Watson

I was on LinkedIn briefly today and an article popped up on my feed about poverty in the Philippines. The article was from “Rappler” a Filipino news website I had never seen. The site is worth a look.

I met a fellow outsourcing company owner this weekend who was feeling down on his employees in Manila. He felt that they needed to be watched all the time, they kept bad attendance and overall had an attitude of entitlement about their job. He was also feeling frustrated about how they demanded high rates of pay and bonuses. My response was, you need to get out of the city! Take a look at the image below and then I will explain why you outsourcing in the “light pink” areas may be an advantage to you and your clients rather than doing business in the “white” areas.

Poverty in the Philippines`

Poverty in the Philippines

In a way, the gentlemen I spoke with was right! Manila (NCR) is a the most competitive city for employment in the Philippines. Wages are high (compared to other regions),  plus, employees are being wooed with large signing bonuses. Many employees have worked in multiple BPO’s or call centers. They can find a new job tomorrow in Manila. They know it, so they feel empowered.

Funny thing is, most Manila BPO workers aren’t from Manila at all! That’s right, they came from one of the poorer provinces to make a better life for themselves and their families. Guess what? There are good workers just like them back in the province with comparable educations who just don’t want to move to Manila. These BPO workers would be very grateful for a job in their otherwise depressed home town.

If you started an outsourcing company in one of these “Light Pink” areas, you will find the workers will work for much less than in Manila and they are more dedicated! It’s a win win! Bring the outsourcing jobs to where the people need them! It’s not rocket science!  PI Outsource moved out of Manila years ago. It’s been quite a successful venture.

To get started outsourcing in the Philippines, contact PI Outsource today.

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Outsourcing Scams Refuted Part II

Please see: Outsourcing Scams Refuted – Part I for prior information.  This blog post attempts to refute or explain comments that I first read here:

[urbanette] Steal and sell database and client assets, reuse code on multiple client sites. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] This could happen with any programmer, anywhere, not just an when using an outsourcing company. It’s your responsibility to protect your assets. While it is hard to successfully start and prosecute a lawsuit in the Philippines and other outsourcing destinations, you should have signed contracts in place with your outsourcing vendor to maintain and protect all your digital rights and assets.

As far as re-use. That is also a contractual thing that you need to address. It’s the risk you take sharing your intellectual property with other humans, not only outsourcing companies [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] If you need a shopping cart, or feature on your site, they will tell you it has to be made custom and it will be fast to code, then keep delaying and drag it out for many, many months. If you check your code, you may often find that the new feature that they added was actually plug-and-play pre-made code that should have taken a day to customize and was just an excuse to rack up months worth of extra hours. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] This is a longer rehash of a statement made earlier in this article. Listen, if you don’t have an approved project time line, you are at fault. You need to stay on top of your outsourced workers progress with DAILY progress reports that you verify! It’s the only way. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] For designers: they have one designer for the whole office and many clients, and they get the designer to go from client to client and make one design, then other cheap (minimum wage) non-designers make copies in other colors. If you notice that sometimes designs are great, and sometimes the quality is bad, or just variations in color, that’s why. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] There are two kinds of companies (you) that need an outsourced designer. One company wants a full time worker, the other company needs a website, logos or other small one-time or infrequent project. Generally new small projects would be given to a good employee as a benefit. In other words, let’s say PI Outsource has ten designers working for different clients. These designers ordinarily work 40 hour shifts for their respective clients.

When you come along and ask PI Outsource to build a website, what do you think I do with the project? I give it to one of my existing or former competent designers that I know can get the job done as “side” work or extra work on the weekend or at night at home. They get extra pay, everyone is happy. Why would I have a team of new designers making crappy designs when I already have a team of accomplished designers working for existing clients? It doesn’t make sense!

A company that hires a full time designer will get a full time dedicated outsourced designer  You can’t fool somebody, day in and day out, for months or years with the advent of the LIVE STREAMING VIDEO CAMERA! Use it! Check on your workers diligently.

If you are scheduling a freelance designer for project work, you better have checked his portfolio. Remember, you give the specifications, you are responsible that the specs are met and hopefully exceeded. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Here are a few tips I learned along the way, to help you navigate the murky waters of outsourced staffing.  Hiring Tips:  If the company is based out of the Philippines (which has the lowest rates for educated staffing), then ONLY hire companies on the BPAP accredited member list. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] Wait? Because someone pays to be on a list, you should use them? I’d suggest you check references of any outsourcing company you do business with no matter who has them on an approved list. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Beware Hubport Interactive, PhilWeb Services and Online Experts (all in the Philippines). I’ve found all three to be using unethical practices.
Be skeptical by default; think about how they could be scamming you. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] I personally can only say that in my experiences PhilWeb Services is a poor web host. I have no experience with the others. Again, a few reference checks could make this problem negligible. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Interview with webcam and have them answer coding questions. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] PI Outsource will always provide you with this opportunity. We couldn’t agree more. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanettete] Interview with webcam (you can use Google Hangouts) and notice the office environment: Are there empty work stations with computers that are on? Are people switching desks? [/urbanettete]

[PI Outsource] Franky, worry about your workers only. This is ridiculous and borders on paranoia. A large outsourcing company will have many workers working many different tasks for many clients.  Only concern yourself with your outsourced workers. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Red flag: If they don’t need to wait to hire, they always have available staff (then they are assigning multiple clients to one programmer). [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] Wrong again. A good outsourcing company has access to countless numbers of Filipinos who are ready to work tomorrow. We have previously employed hundreds of workers. Many have expired contracts and would love to come back and work with us again ASAP.  In fact, this is exactly why you pay us a premium. You pay us to provide you workers in a timely fashion so you don’t have to sift through the thousands of resumes received for every help wanted ad that you place. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Always ask for a list of sites they worked on, and email and say that XX coder said they built your site. Did they? How were they? If not then who did? (Maybe it was a company the coder worked for and the client didn’t know the coder’s real name). [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] As mentioned before, always check references and review portfolios. It’s a no brainer really. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Never hire a project manager at the same company as your coders – it’s wasted money. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] You are the project manager! It’s the only way you will have success in outsourcing. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Never hire more than one coder per company, and assume whoever you will get will be junior. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] So this site is recommending that you hire a team that does not work together? Doesn’t make any sense to me! Disregard!  [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Have another coder at a separate company check the code every so often, to see if it’s sloppy, or if they’re racking up too many hours on things that should be quick to code or customize. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] Holy moly, something that is true! If you don’t know what you are doing, you better hire someone who does!

[urbanette] Protect your assets, don’t let them have access to your database if you can avoid it.
It’s a bit better if the company has a branch in the US, but it still doesn’t mean you can trust them. They are very practiced in how to gain your trust and sell you on their company being more ethical than others, but even as they speak, they know they are going to employ all the same shady practices they preach against. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] I fail to see how ethics is an issue for hiring task based workers to do measured tasks. When you come on as a prospective client I try to minimize your expectations so PI Outsource can exceed them! Why would I try to sell you the moon just to fall short in the end? [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Make them sign a good employment, NDA, non-compete contract that also prohibits them from further outsourcing the work. Here are a few examples.
Don’t hire them (freelancer or company) if they refuse to use a monitoring program like Time Doctor. If they refuse, it’s a major red flag and means they’re up to something dishonest. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] We prefer ClockSpot, but it’s your choice. It’s always a good idea to monitor your outsourced employees work times. As far as contracts go, it’s a good idea, but good luck suing a Philippines company in the USA if they don’t have a presence there. You definitely won’t be suing them in the Philippines and waiting on a resolution through the Philippine courts. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Working Tips:   Make them install and use Time Doctor software (to make sure they’re online the hours they bill you for, and aren’t on Facebook half of the day, or away from their computer, etc.) [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] Go for it! [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Time Doctor gives screenshots every 3 to 10 min (you can set the frequency), but you can also occasionally share your screen using any screen sharing program so you can see what they’re doing in real-time (especially great with designers, so you can direct their progress). [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] Sounds like a good idea! PI Outsource would never discourage you from using any type of monitoring software for your outsource workers.  [/PI Outsource]

[urbanette] Even if you use computer monitoring software, they may still have two computers – and multiple clients – and just move the screen a bit every so often so it looks like there’s activity. If they’re not getting much done, there’s always a reason. This is a good time to start using screen sharing software on a daily basis. [/urbanette]

[PI Outsource] Stay alert and you will have success in outsourcing. [/PI Outsource]

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Outsourcing Scams Refuted – Part I

This blog post attempts to refute or explain comments that I first read here:

It will be a multiple part outsourcing blog post as I get around to each line item mentioned in the original outsourcing article.

A little reminder about the types of outsourcing companies you will find in the Philippines.

1. Tier-One Outsourcing Companies – Rates are at minimum $15 an hour. They only take large clients (ten or more people).

2. Tier-Two Outsourcing Companies – This consist of a network of “Mom and Pop” outsourcing shops owned by Filipinos and foreigners alike. Outsourced labor prices range from the ridiculous $2.00 an hour for labor to $12 an hour.

3. Freelancers – Individuals who work out of their home or shared small office. Prices for this form of outsourced labour range from $1-$5 an hour depending on the tasks involved. Programmers will  cost more.

Here’s a little trivia. Near fifteen years ago there were many outsourcing companies employing thousands of new-hire college grads in the Philippines to serve clients in the online adult industry. Pictures and videos needed to be edited, landing pages needed to be made, programming needed to be done, stories needed to be written for SEO, customer service needed to be done and all the other things that are needed to run an adult online business which was in it’s prime fifteen years ago. Great graphic designers and programmers were made.

Do you know where those workers are today, ten to fifteen years later? Some were so good, they became OFW’s and traveled all over the world with their new found IT skills background. You can’t afford to hire them anymore!

Others are still working for the same clients they were ten years ago, as freelancers (The Philippines chased out all the porn and adult companies gradually, over time). The resourceful employees started working at home.

On a positive note, many of the early outsourced workers went on to start-up successful online companies or work for successful online start-ups right here in the Philippines.

This is probably the group of outsourcing companies that the article I am referring to  is talking about. Other original  Filipino outsourcing workers stayed in the Philippines and blatantly copied their employers outsourcing business model. They quit and tried to compete directly by providing outsourcing services to the USA and Australia. There was only one problem for this group. They had no contacts, integrity, clients or leads! Most failed.  The successful Filipino owned outsourcing companies managed to get by serving the local Filipino businesses only. You need to use a westerner owned outsourcing company to get western results! 

Here are excerpts from the article mentioned above and my commentary on the outsourcing scams mentioned in the quote.

[urbanettete] If you have ever worked at an Internet-based company, chances are you’ve either dealt directly with outsourcing or have heard about it. Thanks to globalization, it’s now easier than ever to outsource your programming, customer service, and other corporate staffing. [/urbanettete]

[PI Outsource] Shameless Plug: This is true! Call PI Outsource for your free outsourcing consultation with an American manager. Call 812-669-4205 Outsource your task based labor in the Philippines. [PI Outsource]

[urbanettete] They give clients fake resumes, so make sure to ask coding questions. Buyer beware! It’s up to you to protect yourself. For every honest outsourcing company, there are two that are just waiting to string you along. Here are some of the practices I’ve encountered with almost every outsourcing company I’ve worked with. From speaking with programmers and Virtual Assistants (VA’s), I gather these techniques are quite common throughout the Philippines and India: [/urbanettete]

[PI Outsource] PI Outsource has to go through 100 resumes to get three people who are qualified! We are sure to test the English and job related skills with industry approved skills testing from Pro Speak and Assessment Analytics Pre-Employment Screening. We present you your employees for your approval via video conference or phone. YOU always have the option to approve your employee before any payment is made!

Further more, always protect yourself and do your due diligence! Ask for and check references! [/PI Outsource]

[urbanettete] If you hire two people they will have one working, and switch them around (all junior). [/urbanettete]

[PI Outsource] Remember what your Mom said, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is! Well, if you hire an outsourcing company with an effective rate of under $4 an hour, you are asking for this type of service. An outsourcing company cannot pay it’s rent, electric, salaries, benefits and internet on $4 an hour and make a profit. They will be out of business before long! It’s a guarantee, what you think is a managed office is probable a ruse, and your outsourced employee is probably working at home. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanettete] If you hire senior they will still give you junior. [/urbanettete]

[PI Outsource] Again, you are responsible for who your outsourcing company “gives you” as an outsourced employee. You must personally approve of all new hires assigned to your account from PI Outsource. We give a one week free trial for you to put your worker through their paces. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanettete] If you hire one “dedicated” programmer, they assign two or three clients to that one programmer. This means less overhead for the outsourcing company – less computers, less staff, infinite number of clients, no need to wait to hire, they always have available staff. [/urbanettete]

[PI Outsource] You need to set deadlines. You need to know your work, how long it takes, how much can be done. It’s all about metrics. You need to make sure you get the hours you paid for. If you pay for eight and the worker works your 8 and 4 for someone else, what do  you care? Everyone needs a side job if they want to get ahead! Manage your workers progress and report any discrepancies ASAP to the owner. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanettete] Charge clients more than six to eight times what they pay the programmers (most programmers in the Philippines are paid about $120 to $180 US per month – for full-time work – by the outsourcing companies they work for) [/urbanettete]

[PI Outsource] This is utter bullshit or it was written in 1972! They average salary of a competent worker in a Philippines BPO would range from $400-$700 a month. You can look in the employment classifieds yourself! [/PI Outsource]

[urbanettete] They tell everyone to say the same stuff on chat, so the client won’t recognize the difference in people “yes ma’am, yes sir, I’m still working on it”. [/urbanettete]

[PI Outsource] This one is an issue with me. I don’t encourage my employees to use more than one “sir/ma’am” per day in chat. Your employees are just trying to give you respect in the only way they know how. The culture of the Philippines is very hierarchical.  Deal with being called sir. You could be called worse. [/PI Outsource]

[urbanettete] They have unrelated people who have nothing to do with the project sit and chat with clients and say “I’m still working on it, yes ma’am, etc.” [/urbanettete]

[PI Outsource] Again, utter bullshit. No one keeps employees on for such trivial tasks. Who makes this stuff up? [/PI Outsource]

Part II in a few days.

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How to Get Started Outsourcing in the Philippines?

PI Outsource provides you with the right advice and the things you need to make your offshore outsourcing business in the Philippines successful. Our team of consultants can help you with any aspect in starting or running an offshore outsourcing business office in the Philippines.

Alternatively, let us manage your Philippines BPO staff for you. Enhance your workforce: Lease one or many outsourced employees (staff leasing) in the Philippines for a short or long term project. Contact us for your free consultation: PI Outsource, 214 Cypress Drive, Streamwood, IL 60107 – (812) 669-4205

Philippines Outsourcing Team Bulding

Philippines Outsourcing Team Bulding

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More Outsourcing to the Philippines Advice

There are so many things to remember when outsourcing your BPO or call center to the Philippines. Here are a few outsourcing tips that come to the top of my head. When Outsourcing to the Philippines:

1. Always use licensed software! If you run an outsourcing company in the Philippines with fake software, you will get caught. You will have an disgruntled employee who will report you. This is a circumstance to avoid at all costs. You also have the risk of running outdated software, as updates are generally disabled with pirate copies. Additionally, most pirate software has viruses installed right on the install disk! You are doomed before you ever get started outsourcing.

2. Test your employees, not just for English skills with ProSpeak, but test them for drugs, TB, and pregnancy before you officially hire them. You don’t want to hire a pregnant girl if you don’t have to! She gets two months paid leave at delivery.

3. Maintain an accurate record of employee infractions. Tardiness should not be tolerated. Infractions should be written up and signed by both parties. Protect yourself. Laws in the Philippines are skewed to favor the employee, you need to be in a position to prove your side.

4. Sacks of rice are cheap (P1200) and make much appreciated bonuses for your outsourced workers in the Philippines! You can feed their whole family for weeks!

5. By Philippine labor law, you will have to pay every employee one month salary bonus for the portion of the year they have worked. It’s called the 13th month pay. Budget for it now because it will mean a large outlay in December, when you need it most! There are some exceptions, but generally not for call center or BPO employees.

6. When you rent an office, it’s likely you will have to pay a few small “tips” to the fire marshal and the fire extinguisher salesman, the electrician and the building inspector. Accept it and move on. Also, it is likely that you will need four months rent up front, and you will have to write post dated checks for the balance. Yes, we know it’s weird writing all those checks, but that’s how it’s done in the Philippines, get used to it.

7. When your company is big enough, think about outsourcing your payroll to a local payroll company or your bank. They best know how to understand all the rules of doing business and paying your employees in the Philippines.

8. When choosing a physical building location for your call center outsourcing company in the Philippines  be sure that there is no contract in place to provide exclusive internet to the building by one provider only. It defeats the purpose of having backup internet from another provider if they aren’t allowed to install in your building. This has happened to me, we had to move buildings!

9. Wherever you get your BPO office, air conditioners could be a large upfront expense. Buy the best you can afford and be sure you have enough horsepower to adequately cool the whole room. You don’t want your call center employees falling out or sleeping because the office is too hot! Clean your filters at least weekly.

10. Always consider wind, rain, flooding possibilities (disaster plan) when planning for your BPO or call center outsourcing location in the Philippines. Ask other people near you, other tenants details about the last storm. Find out if the front steps of your building are flooded out during a heavy rain. Always store enough gas to run your generators for at least three days.

11. Avoid the foreigner tax. Always have your trusted #1 girl assistant take care of starting up the business for you. Let her do as much as she can, you just sign the papers. For example, she will go out and search office space for you, take pictures, report back, you choose, then negotiate the rent for you.

12. Feed your employees lunch in the office. The less time they spend in an elevator shaft and waiting in line for lunch the better for you. It seems ALL Filipinos MUST go to lunch at 12 noon, you can help them avoid the daily crush by feeding them in the office.

Contact PI Outsource when you need more advice on outsourcing your call center or BPO to the Philippines. Remember we can help you skip all the steps above. We can place managed outsourced labor in our existing offices in the Philippines for between $5 and $8 an hour depending on the task.

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Lalaguna Villas, Puerto Galera: Highly Recommended Hotel Rooms in Sabang.

Tucked in the middle of Small Lalaguna Beach in Sabang, Puerto Galera Mindoro Philippines is a wonderful brand new hotel. Lalaguna Villas is truly an amazing hotel in a morass of mediocrity. This place has it all! The centerpiece is the largest pool in Sabang. What a beauty!

When staying at Lalaguna Villas, you have the option of staying right on Small Lalaguna Beach or way up high in a penthouse suite. The views and sunsets are a sight to behold. No matter which room you choose, you will find that the accommodations far surpass most of the other Sabang resorts.

The first thing you may notice is that the mattresses are real! That’s right. There are no cheap foam mattresses here! Electric and water issues of the local barangay of Sabang have been addressed. You won’t be without either! Table tennis, foosball and much more await you at Lalaguna Villas.

Come by the resort and have a gourmet meal and a dip in the pool. Check out Lalaguna Villas on your next dive vacation to Puerto Galera, Philippines. It just may be your vacation of a lifetime!

Lalaguna Villas is the perfect location for your call center summer outing or Christmas party. Getting married? Why not have your wedding reception poolside? Your guests will remember your special day forever. The staff at Lalaguna Villas knows how to help you throw a great party!

Watch this great video that shows off the property:

All of the rooms come with the following amenities to make your stay simply perfect.

Lalaguna Villas Amenities

Lalaguna Villas Amenities

Lalaguna Villas Amenities

Lalaguna Villas Amenities

Lalaguna Villas Amenities

Lalaguna Villas Amenities

Find Lalaguna Villas here:  Small Lalaguna Beach, Sabang, Puerto Galera PHL info@lalagunavillas.com.ph Phone : +63 43 287 3696 Text +63 917 570 3415

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