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Outsourcing Scams Refuted – Part III

This is an email from a reader of the PI Outsource outsourcing blog. Names of persons and businesses  were REDACTED as I cannot verify any of the accusations. Here is the letter in question titled “Horrible IT stories in the Philippines”

I am reading your Outsourcing article on Outsourcing Scams:

It could almost be titled, “The Misadventures of Rafael in the Philippines Outsourcing Industry”

Practically almost all what you say, in this article is what happened to me, (how stupid)!

I have recently been working with REDACTED in Davao, Philippines and I even traveled to their offices in Davao at my own expense to help them finish the jobs they could not do.

In your outsourcing scams article you refer to another article by “URBANETTE”  as follows:

[urbanette] Beware Hubport Interactive, PhilWeb Services and Online Experts (all in the Philippines). I’ve found all three to be using unethical practices. Be sceptical by default; think about how they could be scamming you. [/urbanette]
(~18% down the page)


It has been the worst experience in my business life with absolutely unethical, irresponsible, fraudulent, and deplorable people, especially their CEO REDACTED and his offsider REDACTED, who blackmailed me and one of his employees actually attacked me

They have stolen my code, stolen the money and stolen the jobs that I helped them finish.

I do not want to say more at this stage but if you wish I could tell you the whole sordid story.

If you want the whole story at this stage I prefer no names, other than actions, because I have engaged a lawyer and this could jeopardize the case… for what good a competent lawyer could do. The legal system in Philippines warrants that the case would take 5 to 7 years to be heard….

I am thinking on reporting to a Government IT Protection authority. Copyright and even theft, fraud and blackmail in criminal law because outsourcing businesses like REDACTED are tarnishing the Philippines IT Industry…. Your comments and advice if any would be appreciated.

Hopefully, you will read our Outsourcing Scam Articles and save yourself some grief! Call PI Outsource @ 812-669-4205 for your free Philippines outsourcing consultation today!

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