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Outsourcing and Poverty in the Philippines

By Doug Watson

I was on LinkedIn briefly today and an article popped up on my feed about poverty in the Philippines. The article was from “Rappler” a Filipino news website I had never seen. The site is worth a look.

I met a fellow outsourcing company owner this weekend who was feeling down on his employees in Manila. He felt that they needed to be watched all the time, they kept bad attendance and overall had an attitude of entitlement about their job. He was also feeling frustrated about how they demanded high rates of pay and bonuses. My response was, you need to get out of the city! Take a look at the image below and then I will explain why you outsourcing in the “light pink” areas may be an advantage to you and your clients rather than doing business in the “white” areas.

Poverty in the Philippines`

Poverty in the Philippines

In a way, the gentlemen I spoke with was right! Manila (NCR) is a the most competitive city for employment in the Philippines. Wages are high (compared to other regions),  plus, employees are being wooed with large signing bonuses. Many employees have worked in multiple BPO’s or call centers. They can find a new job tomorrow in Manila. They know it, so they feel empowered.

Funny thing is, most Manila BPO workers aren’t from Manila at all! That’s right, they came from one of the poorer provinces to make a better life for themselves and their families. Guess what? There are good workers just like them back in the province with comparable educations who just don’t want to move to Manila. These BPO workers would be very grateful for a job in their otherwise depressed home town.

If you started an outsourcing company in one of these “Light Pink” areas, you will find the workers will work for much less than in Manila and they are more dedicated! It’s a win win! Bring the outsourcing jobs to where the people need them! It’s not rocket science!  PI Outsource moved out of Manila years ago. It’s been quite a successful venture.

To get started outsourcing in the Philippines, contact PI Outsource today.

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