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Philippines Salaries from Jobstreet 2013

So, you are looking at hiring an outsourced worker in the Philippines. You are expecting someone to work for a few dollars an hour because you once went to Fiverr. You call me and see my prices, “You are too expensive”, you say. Well, here is a guide to salaries in the Philippines just published by JobStreet.  For your reference, 41,000 pesos is $1000 USD.  In hourly wages, $1000 a month is $5.75 an hour for a full time outsourced worker.

Don’t forget, while outsourcing is popular here, the majority of these jobs are for people who speak the local language, Tagalog. These are not jobs for people with advanced English skills.  Guess, what? You pay more for English! If you think you can be successful at outsourcing paying $400 a month salary to a fresh grad, I can tell you know, it’s not gonna work.

So, when you want to “get real” about outsourcing, call PI Outsource. We will manage and exceed your expectations in your outsourcing venture.

Philippines Salaries 2013

Philippines Salaries 2013




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